Al Fleishman and Bob Hillard founded FleishmanHillard in 1946 with a bold idea  – to help companies integrate communications into their operations to achieve their business goals. Today we continue to challenge ourselves to be as bold and decisive as our founders were over  70 years ago. We push ourselves and our clients to discover compelling ways to differentiate and drive growth… to win in the marketplace … to keep our eyes on the road ahead, but also on our rearview mirror, making sure we stay in front of the trends, issues and competitive landscape each of our clients face every day.  Continuously building on our experience, we compel key audiences, transform behaviors and help to build, maintain and protect our clients’ brands and reputations.

In Brazil, FleishmanHillard is an agency of the In Press Group, with 30 years of activities in the country. Own offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Professionals with experience in different sectors such as Consumer / Retail, IT / Telecom, Industry / Infrastructure, Agribusiness, Financial Services, Education, Health, Culture, Events. Team with experience in working with clients of different sizes and segments, besides working with international alignment. Multidisciplinary professionals. Development of integrated plans where digital is transversal to all actions. Team with professionals with over 25 years of experience in Corporate Communication, working together with young team and new generation of professionals. All the agency´s professionals have access to global intranet, training, presentation of successful global cases.


At the core of FleishmanHillard’s philosophy is the power of true. True speaks to who we are and how we work every day. The values and principles articulated in our philosophy include respect and teamwork, ethical behavior and transparent business practices, and relationship-driven client service that achieves meaningful results. Our values unite FleishmanHillard into a talented and committed team working across continents and cultures on behalf of our clients.

Executive Message

Today’s business and political environment is among the most dynamic in our lifetime. In one-way or another, each of us is participating in our global economy, along with the risks and rewards. As the world has become increasingly hyper-connected, our clients play on stages that grow larger every day.
FleishmanHillard in Brazil is committed to helping companies, brands and organizations navigate a world in flux. A world fueled by digital and social communications. That means creating ideas that carry messages across new and traditional channels, to reach the right audiences where and when they tune in. It means developing crisis response strategies that keep pace with news at the speed of now. It means helping to close the gap between what audiences expect from a brand and their actual experience.

We provide counsel grounded in reality, telling it like it is. We provide a worldview, from our truly connected global network of colleagues with deep understanding of cultures and social implications. We leverage research and analytics to reveal business-defining insights that will change outcomes. We push beyond the obvious to arrive at creative and fully-integrated magnetic ideas that move minds and change behaviors. And, we lead by example and operate at the highest level of integrity and ethical decision-making.

Most importantly, we believe in shared success, and welcome the opportunity to help you solve your business problems.