Power Panel


Brazilian political landscape is an example of how the lack of accurate information can lead to concerns, instability and paralysis of investment decisions by economic agents. Surveys are among the most effective instruments for collecting data in a context of doubts and uncertainties.

The study “Power Panel”, a tool developed by FleishmanHillard in partnership with Congresso em Foco (the main Brazilian political coverage outlet), was conceived as an instrument to deal with the scenario of Brazilian political unpredictability. It is an instrument to support organizations decision making on issues under discussion at the federal level that can impact their performance directly or indirectly. It permits to grasp, momentarily and in a historical series, the look and feel in the parliamentary environment in its relationship with the executive government, the handling of specific legislative bills and the whole Brazilian political scene.

The research, made in four rounds with the most influential parliamentary leaders of the National Congress, systematically and scientifically monitors the legislative agenda. The research differential is the qualification of the public heard: National Congress main formal and informal leaders and influencers selected by Congresso em Foco team based on the knowledge gathered over years covering Brazilian Federal Legislature.

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